1. What areas do you service most?

Our “epicenter” of service is the Redmond, Woodinville, Duvall, Sammamish, Bellevue and Issaquah areas. For larger projects, we will travel to Kirkland, Renton, Snoqualmie, Bothell, Mercer Island, and Seattle. For special projects we can go anywhere. If, for any reason, we can’t help you, we’ll suggest skilled colleagues who can.

2. What services does grounded offer?

We offer artistic, professional design of outdoor spaces, either residential or commercial. The minute details of our designs are accomplished by our in-house installation (construction). This ensures that our designs are built to the highest standards,and that all the details are met to a T. It will also have the benefit of taking another step out for the homeowner; one company = less headache.  More about our services »

3. Tell me more about your in-house installation services.

By utilizing our team of seasoned artisans, we can save you time and money in making your outdoor space a reality. Our team has been constructing high-end landscapes, water features and gardens for more than a decade. We only hire people who are both highly skilled and good, honest people. Between our combined years of experience there is very little that we can not accomplish to make a beautiful outdoor space for our clients.

4. How does your pricing work?

Grounded is, to use a popular term, a ‘hybrid’ company. By paying us directly as your designer, you get our professional skills at a lower rate than ‘high-end’ design firms. But the real savings happen as you allow us to bring the design into reality by using our team of skilled artisans. We remain in charge of the job, overseeing all the details to ensure the work is done right. This saves you time, money and headaches because you don’t have to find, qualify and supervise sub-contractors.  More about pricing »

5. What is a therapeutic or healing garden?

Therapeutic and healing gardens are environments created for patients in the healthcare industry, such as senior care facilities, long-term rehabilitation clinics and hospitals. These gardens provide tranquil, beautiful environments where patients can relax and escape from the stresses they might be experiencing. They are also spaces where they can meet with family, exercise and get fresh air.  Learn more about healing gardens »

6. What makes grounded unique?

One of the things that really make us different is that we listen. We listen to your needs, your ideas, your dreams. We also listen to the land. Each site has specific opportunities and constraints. Being in tune with our clients and the land is what enables us to produce breathtaking gardens.

7. What qualifications does Grounded – Landscape Design bring to the table?

The designers’ qualifications go beyond their years of experience, college degrees and specialty certifications. Their love of design and quality construction, as well as their ability to see the nuanced patterns of the outdoors, make them especially educated and passionate experts for their clients. Learn more about our team »

8. What can your clients expect from you?

Our clients can expect us to provide them with a space they love. We will listen to them and in return give them our professional opinion. We will treat them with honesty and integrity and will always offer a sincere human touch to the process. Most of all, we make creating an outdoor environment a fun process, as it should be.

9. So then, what do you expect from your clients?

We expect that clients will be open with us about their ideas, tastes, and opinions so we can offer them the best service possible and outstanding work quality. We invite our clients to have fun with the process and to be patient when their space looks all torn up! This is part of the natural flow of a space re-design. Also, once we provide the client a working bid, we always appreciate feedback. We want to know what they like, or not, about the proposed design.

Grounded Landscape Design